• Finding Your Way as a Solo-Traveller

    By Angela Serednicki

    Image courtesy of Nasir Khan via Flickr.

    Her mother warned her about the rickshaw drivers in India.

    It was only the first week of Teresa MacLellan's solo trip when she realized how risky it can be to travel alone in a country that is known for its inequality and violence against women.

    MacLellan sat in the passenger seat of the rickshaw she hired and watched crowds of people mill about the dusty streets of the ancient and holy city Varanasi. Suddenly, the rickshaw stopped, and a man MacLellan did not know climbed into the small vehicle. The stories her mom told her about some rickshaw drivers in India kidnapping and raping female tourists flashed through her mind.

    “I had a very bad gut feeling about him. My instincts told me I had to make him leave,” MacLellan says.


Oppression Behind a Veil or Hypocrisy Behind a Charter

By Aeman Ansari Neon coloured hair and multiple piercings get a mere side glance because they are seen as emblems of individual dispositions and methods of expression. The world marvels at the free and democratic society that is Canada. We commend the fathers of confederation and the power within the seams of the Charter. The … Continue reading


Stacey McKenzie returns to Ryerson for Mass Exodus 2014

Photo courtesy of Eugene Gallegos  Jennifer Joseph  Stacey McKenzie crashed her first modeling gig at the age of 14 at Ryerson. She was a force to be reckoned with. With her slicked hair, black catsuit, stiletto booties and her signature red lipstick—her confidence and attitude stood out from a crowd of models. Ryerson being her … Continue reading


International Women’s Day

By: Sameera Raja  Toronto celebrated the 103rd International Women’s Day this Saturday Mar. 8 with a rally, march and several workshops teaching women the importance of self-defence and self-care against rape culture. The day was full of inspiration, celebrating achievements and planning future advancements for women across the country. Following the event, the second annual … Continue reading


Facebook: New Gender Options

Image via Flickr Scott Beale By: Emily Theodore  Facebook just made living life as an LGTBQ individual a lot less complicated. From androgyne to pangender, the website added 58 new gender options for English-speaking users to choose from to display on their profile. If not just one of these terms stick, users can regard several … Continue reading

Comedian Rhiannon Archer

Make ‘em laugh: Rhiannon Archer tackles sexism in comedy

Photography by Michelle-Andrea Girouard  Jennifer Joseph  Around 8 p.m., comedian Rhiannon Archer usually gets ready to start her set and waits in the greenroom or in the audience for her name to be called. She goes over the order of her jokes in her head while keeping a copy of her set list in her … Continue reading

BSS exterior

Herstory: the private school diaries

Feature image courtesy of The Bishop Strachan School  Ophelie Zalcmanis-Lai  From junior kindergarten to Grade 3, I went to an all-girls private school called The Bishop Strachan School (BSS). I was devastated when I switched to public school. On my first day of Grade 4, I said to my mother, “Mum, there are a lot of … Continue reading


Celebrate Valentine’s Day with McClung’s (we have treats!)

Valentine’s Day might not be until Friday, but we’ll be celebrating early with a bake sale in the Rogers Communication Centre (80 Gould St.) on the Ryerson campus. There will be cupcakes, cookies and plenty of vegan-friendly options on sale tomorrow from 11 a.m. – 5 p.m. so stop by and enjoy. M 


Merging fashion and consent to make a statement

Photo courtesy of Feminist Style via Facebook  Chandra Kavanagh  Feminist Style is an innovative Canadian startup brand that is promoting how sexy consent can be. The entrepreneur behind the company is 22-year-old computer science major Amulya Sanagavapu. Feminist Style is in the process of launching a line of consent-themed underwear – for both men and women … Continue reading


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