Pregnancy May Violate Patriot Act

This is taken from the blog Birth Pangs

In a stunning revelation today Homeland Security has announced that it will be keeping an eye on pregnant women being sent to Montana from Calgary to give birth.

A spokesman from the Homeland Security office stated;

“We have no idea who these people are. We know they are pinkos, with their socialized medicine.

All women will be subject to xray to ensure that they are pregnant and not smuggling in bombs or Canadian passports.

Husbands may be subject to interrogation and held without bond if they cannot identify key information such as birthdays, anniversary dates, and mother-in-laws’ middle name.

We have to be very careful as Canadians are on the Top Ten list of dangers to the USA.”

Save yourself. Support your country. Don’t have babies.

Especially if you live in or near Calgary.

* Ridiculous much?


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