Abortion rights + art = amazingness

Hey everyone, hope summer is well. Quebec is beautiful but I’m missing a ton of stuff in Toronto!

Here’s a wicked event going down on July 27:

The Choice Monologues (and BBQ)

This performance of the Choice Monologues will benefit the Arts4Choice project.

The project involves taking documentary portraits of women who have had abortions, young and old, of different backgrounds, language groups, cultures and geographic locations. These portraits will become a traveling exhibit and a book that we hope to have in clinics and women’s centres across the country.

The Choice Monologues are a collection of true stories from women and men in Canada who have had their lives affected by an unwanted pregnancy.

Come to celebrate Morgentaler and reproductive freedom in Canada!

Date: Sunday, July 27th
Time: 3:30pm
Address: 76 Pauline Ave, Toronto

$10 for performances and BBQ
refreshments available

Jessica Yee, Canadians for Choice
Kathryn Palmateer, Arts4Choice


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