Anti-Flag, Nostalgia and Self-realizations

Last night I went to see Anti-Flag at The Opera House in Toronto.

All month I’ve been super excited for this show sine the last time I saw them, I was 16.

And I have to say, I’m pretty disappointed.

I think the best way to put this is to quote my boyfriend, “When did Anti-Flag get added onto the frat boys’ itunes?”

The atmosphere, in my opinion, wasn’t very positive and there were guys being idiots in the mosh pit.

When The Creepshow went on, a local Rockabilly band, some guy yelled at the singer, Sarah Sin, “YOU’RE A HOE!”

I went up to him to after their set and asked him if he called her a hoe, he denied it and I said, “good,” and walked away.

About an hour into Anti-Flag’s set, they went into their usual political rant about how here we don’t judge/mistreat people by their race/sex/gender/sexuality and how together we can make change. Everyone cheered in support, but I felt like their words were meaningless.                                                                

You can’t make change through one concert, it has to be something constantly worked at. To even make change happen, your audience has to listen to your lyrics first. The guy that called Sarah Sin a “hoe” obviously wasn’t at the show to make a positive change in society.

To make change we have to re-evaluate our actions every day, be conscious about the choices we make, which words we use to speak. It’s easy to call someone a “hoe” and think it’s funny and try to look tough in front of your buddies, but if that guy took just one second to think about what he said, how degrading that word is to half the audience (women) maybe he would not have said it. Maybe he should turn up the volume on his ipod next time when he listens to some Anti-Flag, or anything else.

*Photos taken on my cellphone, hence the fuzziness


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