Van-city police tasering mothers

This was published in the Toronto Star today:

VANCOUVER – Vancouver police say they had to use a Taser on a 16-year-old mother in order to save the life of her month-old baby.

A police department release says the young mother was “touched” with a Taser on her arm and back when officers feared she was holding her infant in a way that could smother him.

The incident occurred Monday afternoon in Vancouver when police were called after social workers were unable to convince the mom to hand over her child.

The baby was born with life-threatening conditions and there was concern he required immediate medical attention.

According to police, the teenager is mentally disturbed and the Taser was used only after prolonged negotiations had failed.

After the Taser jolt, police say the mother dropped the baby to her lap and he was taken to hospital while the mother was apprehended under the Mental Health Act and is now receiving treatment.



When will this torture device be banned?



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