Rainbow warriors: Twin sisters CocoRosie

Over the summer I met some really cool people, and was introduced to a lot of cool music.

My friend Evelisa would always play this ambient sounding pop music. One singer has a haunting operatic voice and another singer raps along. These two singers are actually twins, they are CocoRosie. From New York, they take influences from everything. Here’s what the New York Times had to say about them:

“The music of CocoRosie (the band’s name is an amalgam of their mother’s nicknames for the girls) is most often categorized by critics as “freak folk,” placing the two sisters in a new wave of 20-something singer-songwriters like Devendra Banhart or the harpist Joanna Newsom, who have revived the ’70s culture of homemade authenticity with at once more wholesomeness and more joyous perversity than their elders. Freak folk is not a bad label for CocoRosie, as far as labels go. But CocoRosie’s sound — the effects they deploy include windup toys and a kitten’s mewling, as well as more conventional instruments like a snake charmer’s flute, an out-of-tune ukulele or a beat box — is a little freakier, even, than that of most of their colleagues. It’s no accident that their professed patron saints are drag queens from the 1970s: the German countertenor Klaus Nomi, who became an East Village cabaret star, or the Cockettes, a San Francisco-based operetta troupe whose most famous film was a transvestite version of Tricia Nixon’s wedding.”

Check them out. They are amazing.


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