McClung’s attends Canzine

By: Laura Janecka

The air was thick of noise, sweat and smells as people shuffled their way around a tight and crowded space, at Gladstone Hotel.

While a man cracked jokes about dead babies (?!) and an incessant noise of a crying baby trickled out of a backroom, McClungers (wo)-manned their table at this years Canzine Festival with enthusiasm and gusto (despite the heat, noise and terrible comic relief).

This is the second year that McClung’s Magazine has participated at Canada’s largest zine fair and festival of alternative culture. And unlike its first time, McClungers actively stepped up to the occasion, making jewelry or donating vintage pieces to help raise money.

As co-Editor-in-Chief, I was truly proud of the efforts put in by our masthead and friends of the magazine. With everyone’s participation and the pockets of Canzine goers, we did raise money and went through a sh*t load of magazines – with additional effort from Ronak, who finagled a North American magazine distributor to take our Spring 2008 issues to circulate.

This year was a success, in my opinion, not just because we circulated our magazine or sold jewelry, but by the efforts, energy and devotion our masthead has for McClungs. Yeh, it might be cheesy to cheerlead our staff, but magazines in Canada are sustained by helping hands.

So, Lora and I give a hand to our staff of the 2008-2009 year, thank you for your support!

left-right, Ronak, Takara, Lora, Mai, Laura and Andrea)

(In the photo: left-right, Ronak, Takara, Lora, Mai, Laura and Andrea)


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