Change up Bond Movies

By: Amber Rowe

I am probably rehashing a discussion that has probably occurred since the Bond films came into existence. But I am relatively new to the scene and have only been recently offended by the series. The only thing that keeps me watching is the hope that something unformulaic will occur. Maybe one day there will be a strong female lead who doesn’t succumb to the “charms of Bond.”

I know many of you a probably saying “duh,” but I simply cannot resist the urge to put down the films formula in my own terms.

In any case, so follows a list for my own sake.

1) EVERY single woman carries some attraction to Bond. Even if they’re bent on his destruction.

2) All more principal characters will dress down at some point.

3) If the woman plays a more principal role in the film, she will at some point be sexual with Bond. Before she attempts to put him in the ground, she can’t seem to resist being taken by him.

Pussy Galore

4) No woman is ever portrayed as Bond’s equal, even Pussy Galore (and I mean… honestly?) who at first gives Bond the cold shoulder. At first, she says he’s not her type and suggests he couldn’t be enough, but she eventually takes a lay in the hay.

(More interesting is the fact that in the novel version, Pussy Galore is said to be a lesbian. But naturally, NO woman can resist Bond. In the novel, he converts her to heterosexuality. Really.)

5) Names are a tool in the films. For example, the one female character who could be considered somewhat a staple, but never has physical contact with Bond is named “Ms. Moneypenny.” That’s the name of a person you go next door to get flour from. The writers deliberately give her name with no sexual connotations so that we do not expect anything more than flirtation from her. On the other hand, the Bond girls, well, Pussy Galore would be a prime example. But take Honey Rider as well.

Other names have hidden meanings, like Domino Derval. Could we say “Domino” connotes the tendency to “go down easy”? And the meaning of the last name? True desire. Fiona Volpe’s last name is Latin for “fox.”

I needn’t say more.


4 thoughts on “Change up Bond Movies

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  3. Hard to argue with your post Ms. Rowe, certainly a staple of Bond films is 007’s domination over most women. A minor break in that formula would be and has been very refreshing (on the few occasions when it’s happened).

    Let’s not forget Xenia Onatopp, from Goldeneye, who was sort of a reverse Bond with a streak of Sadism. And then there’s M, who is a woman and will never become sexual or dress down for Bond (lets hope anyway).

    Two examples over dozens of films is a little weak but maybe we’ll see more of it in the Daniel Craig franchise. Unfortunately, I kind of doubt it.

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