PMS alert – a real one


By Arti Patel

While many women may have difficulties predicting their own periods, a new website claims it can do just that.

Weird, but true:
It is called PMS buddy, a website where males are supposed to sign up to get instant e-mails about when their girlfriend, mother, daughter (weird) or female friend is having their period and “irritating times.”

There are two things wrong with this picture: how males suddenly have a huge concern about the menstruation cycle, or the fact that thousands of users actually signed up.

How does it work?
Men are supposed to enter the last date of the female’s period (or PMS attack) and the website will e-mail the user an alert weeks later, reminding them of that female’s next cycle.

The female perspective?
The website encourages females to also sign up, just so we could warn our family and friends when our personal mood swing will take place. Are you kidding me? Pushing the stereotype that all women blow up and have burned-out hair with fire-red raging eyes during their period is one thing, but for women to believe themselves is another.

I know that sometimes period cramps and/or pain cause distractions but that doesn’t mean I myself go around ruining relationships and jumping off buildings. The last thing I need to be concerned about is how the opposite sex would and should react to my “situation.”

Mission statement, not really:
The site claims they are saving one relationship at a time. While they are at it, can they create one just so I can know when my best friend decides to fight with me, when my boyfriend ignores me, when my parents have a fight or my teacher forgets my assignment at her house? Could you fill me in and send me an instant e-mail?


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