Smart girls at the party?

By: Laura Janecka

Is it just me or is Cameron smarter than all three women put together?

But seriously, what is your opinion about this show? Is this progressive, typical or terrible? And does it matter that Barbie is their sponsor?


2 thoughts on “Smart girls at the party?

  1. I’m having mixed emotions. I do like Cameron cause she’s very focused on what she’s doing and very straightforward. Taking a critical analysis, I feel that it’s still representative of the dominant discourse. I don’t feel like the show is really challenging stereotypes. I may have to watch a few more episodes. I think it was the “dance party” at the end that threw me off. However, I’m glad that this show is encouraging talent in young girls. Barbie was a little too much. I’m biased though. I don’t like barbie:)

    that was my mind fart for the morning.

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