Hey everyone!

The International Women’s Day celebration is this Saturday and everyone should come!
IWD is a time to celebrate all the things women have accomplished and to realize we have so much more to do.
Everything may seem peachy-keen in Canada (which it isn’t at all) but globally, women are struggling for the rights we have here.
In Canada violence against women is growing problem every day, non-white women aren’t treated equally to white women, and we STILL aren’t getting paid as much as men!
The theme for this year’s IWD is “Women lead the fight! Good jobs and dignity for all!”
In this time of economic doubt, the Conservative government has proposed a bill that threatens Equal Pay for Equal Value. Bill C-10 (the budget implementation act) is being showcased as a way to save Canadians money, but underneath it all there’s a threat to women’s pay.
The fight isn’t over and as young women and men we should be the ones leading it.
If you can’t come to the rally that’s fine, celebrate IWD in your own way.
Rally starts at 11 am at OISE (252 Bloor St. W. right outside of St. George subway station) and the fair starts at Ryerson’s Student Centre at 1:30 pm (55 Gould St.)
McClung’s has a table at the fair so drop by and say hi.

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