Written by: Ronak Ghorbani

Ohh teenagers with a lot of money.

This was the first things I thought when I heard Millionaires’ Alcohol.

“Girls talk shit? We’ll take off our underwear!” – an example of their lovely lyrics I’m sure took hours to write.

I’ll be honest, after hearing this song a few times it grew on me.

The whole song is about getting trashed at a party (no substance to it) but it’s refreshing to hear women sing about this.

They judge each other on how many shots they can down (reminiscent of frat boys “chugging” beer).

In a world where Asher Roth gets big for singing about why he loves college (educational values don’t apply) Millionaires are refreshing in an odd way.

What do you think?

Are they setting women back 30 years or are they just fun party music?


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