Lady Sovereign + self-groping = ultra cool


Written by: Ronak Ghorbani

A friend recently told me my anti-mainstream porn story (as part of McClung’s winter 2008 debate she-said-she-said section) was a hot topic for a while at Ryerson’s journalism school.

Why was my article being talked about? Because I start off with this:

Growing up, my mother always told me pornography degraded women. But once I was old enough to disable internet firewalls, I Googled “porn” to see for myself. My first click took me to Lesbian Apartment where two blonde women with large breasts pick up random women to have sex. I was instantly turned on and masturbated. This routine continued until things got boring-I was sick of the abundance of fake boobs and lack of dick. Why were women waxed clean while men were ugly and hairy? Slowly, I started to understand my mother’s message.

Apparently, a woman talking about masturbating is scandalous. I think this is ridiculous. pie
It was mostly the male journalism students that were shocked by the piece and either felt uncomfortable or thought it was funny. Remember American Pie? Jason Biggs sticks his cock in a pie and that is totally accepted.

Why is it so taboo for a woman to openly discuss her sexuality? What surprised me the most is that the men reading my article are in their 20s – you would think by now some maturity would settle in.

All human beings touch themselves and it is a completely natural, normal thing to do. Women should not be ashamed of admitting they masturbate. I remember guy friends boasting about how many times they wank off – why cant women too?

A few weeks ago I went and saw Lady Sovereign play at Lee’s Palace. It was an amazing set and what shocked and pleased me the most was that she was groping and grabbing herself on stage. Whether it was lifting up her shirt to show off her stomach or grabbing her crotch in a manly manner, Lady Sovereign owned her body. Her masculine thrusts and movements was refreshing to the usual feminine stature most women pop-stars have.

All women could learn from Lady Sovereign in a sense that, it is okay to touch your body and you should be proud of it.


2 thoughts on “Lady Sovereign + self-groping = ultra cool

  1. Wow, you basically summed up exactly how I feel about this issue. I would love to see more young women owning their bodies, desires and refusing to be ashamed about giving themselves some self love. We’re definitely in a social climate where men jerking off is practically an adolescent ritual and women’s self-service methods are denied or silenced. We need to own our pleasure.

  2. good for you. that article must have taken a lot of courage and its a shame that people mocked you for it, but you know what, you got people talking and you’re continuing to do it on this blog so kudos to you.

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