Can Beyonce back her fierce image?

Written by former Co-Editor-in-Chief Laura Janecka

“I walk like this cause I can back it – diva is a female version sashafierceof a hustla – if you liked it thenyou should
have put a ring on it…”

Beyonce is one fierce lady in the music business, singing lyrics to empower the most humble of wallflowers. But while her songs imply independence, strength and owning one’s own sexuality, I can’t help
but notice that her image overshadows what she is singing about.

When Beyonce’s “If I Were a Boy” came on the radio – from her latest album I am…Sasha Fierce – I was like “yes, sing it out lady.” And then one hit after another I was nodding my head or singing along to the tune, with a vigorous I-am-a-feminist-get-out-of-my-way attitude.
Boys beware, women are listening to Beyonce. However, after viewing several of her videos, my love for Beyonce’s new ferocity grew sour, turning empowerment to disenchantment.

It’s hard to grasp the lyrics she belts out in “Ego” when she sings, “Usually I’m humble, right now I don’t choose. You can leave with me or you could have the blues,” when the camera zooms in on her dancing breasts. Gloria Gaynore had big ones too – but the camera didn’t budge from her face while she belted out “Just turn around now, you’re not welcome here anymore.”

From Beyonce’s scantily clad figure to her legs-whipped-apart dance moves I wonder if this image is meant for hungrier-eyed viewers or sweet 13-year-old girls trying to find their confidence in a cruel uncaring world. I’m not suggesting that Beyonce’s revealing wardrobe or her stripper-like dance moves are not far removed from feminist behaviour, women have a right to dress/behave/dance in whatever fashion they like. But when you have a fan base of young, easily influenced bebe’s, the responsibility of an icon is to create the right impression. Simply put: Don’t teach girls that female empowerment comes from acting like a sex kitten in front of any kind of gaze (the camera, men, strangers…whatever).

It’s kind of sad too, Beyonce really is singing for the female masses. I would readily encourage people to buy her latest album with songs like “Diva,”Single Ladies” and “If I Were a Boy” but until she takes a chapter from tiger ladies like  Gloria Gaynor, Tina Turner and Diana Ross, I’m going to wonder if she’s singing it out as an independent lady or doing it for the benji’s. Make it flashy but don’t look trashy.

*Note, I apologize for all of my lame snappy comments…benji’s? I’m such a dork.

Oh, and Justin’s not the only one that looks stupid doing these dance moves:


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