3OH!3 get a big oh no

Written by: Francesca Wahking


It’s repulsive, demeaning and unfortunately catchy.

About a year ago 3OH!3 crept onto the scene and most thought nothing of it. Their song “Don’t Trust Me” gave them instant internet celebrity status – nothing else. The last thing anyone ever thought was that this song would gain radio play…but it has.

3OH!3 is climbing the charts at a rapid pace with lyrics such as “Don’t trust a ho, never trust a ho, won’t trust a ho cause the ho won’t trust me” and perhaps the worse part of the song: “Shh girl, shush your lips; do the Helen Keller and talk with your hips.” Not only is that line offensive to women who are mute, deaf and blind but it sends out the message that women can only communicate by moving their hips.3

Their fans are mostly girls and young women who know all the words to the song and hoot and holler as one of them thrusts their hips on the stage. If we take offence to the Pussycat Dolls sashaying around in lingerie, then why don’t we try to put a stop to boy groups such as 3OH!3 that rely on lyrics that promote women as sexual objects.

Think I’m wrong? Let’s take a look at the lyrics in the rest of their album:

“Push it baby push it baby out of control, I got my gun cocked tight and I’m ready to blow” – Starstruckk

“Nice legs, Daisy Dukes, makes a man go (whistles),” – Starstruckk

“Talkin’ to a rich skank filled up like a sperm bank,” – Richman

“Hey yeah, shake-shake your ass now, I’m a hit you from the back and make you holler ‘til you pass out.” – Holler ‘til you pass out

“Sip, sippin’ on some Jack, slip 60 in her panties with my number on the back” – Punkbitch

I know there are many songs out there that are just as degrading but what it comes down to is who their audience consists of. Yes, 3OH!3 is trying to be ironic and comedic about the hip hop, Hollywood lifestyle but it’s not a joking matter when the all too literal topic that comes about is a misogynistic one.


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