McClung’s Fall Info Meeting!

McClungs poster copy

Hey everyone!

Here at McClung’s we’re ready to start the 2009/2010 year

Come out to the meeting to learn more about the McClung’s, apply for positions, eat some yummy snacks, pitch stories and discuss what feminism is all about!

Date:   Thursday, 17 September 2009
Time: 6-8 pm
Location: Oakham House Room G Bottom Floor, Ryerson University

If you’re not familiar with McClung’s then check out our website where we have back issues: www.mcclungs.ca and read our blog:mcclungs.wordpress.com or pick up an issue at Ryerson’s library or outside the magazine lab in Ryerson’s RCC.

McClung’s is distributed around Toronto and across Canada so it’s a great opportunity to have your voice heard and your views read!

This year we are hiring:

–       Managing editors
–       Assistant editors
–       Head of copy
–       Copy editors
–       Handling editors
–       Head of research
–       Fact checkers
–       Art director
–       Assistant art director
–       Events coordinators
–       Illustrators
–       Photographers
–       Photo editor
–       Writers
–       Bloggers
–       Online editor
–       Head of advertisement
–       Circulation directors

Absolutely everyone is welcome so come out!


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