Art Bra Show celebrates breast cancer awareness

By: Arti Patel

3930498746_7ac04595b0With the upcoming month of October as Breast Cancer Awareness Month, an art show in Sacramento had a unique way of displaying art for the cause.

The second annual Art Bra Show was held on September 12 and put on through Albie Aware Breast Cancer Foundation and Women’s Wisdom, a program of food bank and family services in Sacramento.

“The goal of the show is to bring a public awareness about the plight of breast cancer and its effects on all women,” said Helen Plenert, Women’s Wisdom project manager to the Sacramento Press.

Using the bra as a symbol, local artists were told to create, draw, paint, sculpt and stitch forms of art to raise an understanding for the sixth leading cause of death of women in the United States.

The paintings, sculptures and sketches incorporated the expressiveness and creativity of both the artist and the bra. Artists took their ideas and displayed it in a form where they believed they were connecting through their loved ones or their own stories of breast cancer.
Close to 100 donated art pieces, including three pieces honoured to a local Sacramento television personality who went through a double mastectomy, were auctioned out to the public, all raising money for both charities.

The show moved on to two other breast cancer awareness shows in downtown Sacramento. Last year’s show rose close to $6,000 and this year organizers expected the same.

The event originally started in June of 2008 and over the past years collected and auctioned almost 200 pieces of art. The Art Bra Show in two years however, might end according to Plenert.

“The stories and reasons for doing what they did is my favourite experience that has come out of this,” Plenert told the Sacramento Press. “Some of the stories are written on the pieces and some of them have just been shared through conversation, but they are all touching.”
More exhibition pictures can be found at the Sacramento Press and the Art Bra Show’s website.


5 thoughts on “Art Bra Show celebrates breast cancer awareness

  1. This is an amazing article and I enjoyed reading it. I think its great that people are being aware of such important things and also writing about them.

  2. I love your photos!!! Photography is a new love of mine. For the past year I’ve been liaenrng as much as I can. I love painting and now photography is right up there with painting and I never leave the house without my camera. Happy Photo Adventures!!

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