McClung’s Radio Episode One Now Up And Streaming!

Rebel Grrrl’s Music

McClung’s Radio is broadcasted every Thursday from 5-6 p.m. at www.spiritlive.net

We started this radio show to give a space for women of all music genres to be heard with an emphasis on independent artists.

This is our very first episode and there are a few technical difficulties but there’s still a lot of awesome music.

Your McClung’s Radio hosts are Ashley Stanhope and Ronak Ghorbani

CLICK HERE to stream the show!

Set list:

Artist Title Album Label Link
M.I.A. Bamboo Banga Kala Interscope www.myspace.com
Gravy Train Hella Nervous Hello Doctor Kill Rock Stars www.myspace.com
Witch Hunt Desperation Blood Red States Fistolo Records www.myspace.com
I Hate Sally Hannah Hannah Don’t Worry Lady Underground Operations www.myspace.com
Good Luck Stars Were Exploding Into Lake Griffy No Idea Records www.myspace.com
Huggy Bear No Sleep Don’t Die Kill Rock Stars en.wikipedia.org
Tegan and Sara I Know I Know I Know So Jealous Vapor/Sanctuary www.teganandsara.com
Bangs I Want More Call and Response Kill Rock Stars en.wikipedia.org
Get ‘Em Mamis Soul Talk TerAwesome Unsigned www.myspace.com
xKingdomx Pythoness The Rage That Guides Eulogy Records www.myspace.com
The Ettes So Say So Do You Want Power Take Root Records www.theettes.com
Ohbijou Wildfires Beacons Bellaunion www.myspace.com
Anjulie Boom Anjulie Hear www.myspace.com


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