Today’s the Trans Day of Remembrance!

Hey everyone!

Check out this wicked event today put on by Ryerson’s Women’s Centre:

Trans Day of Remembrance is a day for us to remember all of the people who have been killed as a result of anti-transgender hatred and violence. Often times, the deaths of trans people go largely ignored by the general public. This is a time for us to honour all of those people.

Join us in Room D of the Student Centre for a presentation by Susan Gapka about anti-transgender violence and a moment of silence to mourn all of those who have been lost to violence.

Date: Friday, Nov. 20, 2009

Time: 12 – 2 p.m.

Location: Ryeron’s Oakham House Room D

Street: 55 Gould St.


2 thoughts on “Today’s the Trans Day of Remembrance!

  1. Maybe they just figure that Yachimovich is not a real treaht because she’s going to struggle to get more than 12 seats. In contrast, Derei could steal a large number of votes from Shas and Likud and has left-wing views of foreign policy (he was Shas’s representative in the talks with Peres that created the Dirty Trick).

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