Calender celebrating Muslim women in Edmonton

By: Arti Patel

Photo provided by Edmonton Journal

Shazia Javed snaps away at 13 diverse Muslim women in Edmonton.

From a boxer to a single mother pizza-business owner, Javed’s photographs aim to break stereotypes against Muslim women and to celebrate their diversity. Her project titled Celebrating Muslim Women of Edmonton, will be a full 2010 calender sold this Friday.

The photographer, writer and filmmaker who poses in the calender herself, has a goal to embrace positive contributions of Muslim women.

“Mostly, when you read about Muslim women in the news, it’s about some controversy — honour killings or whatever,” Javed says to the Edmonton Journal.

“I wanted to do something positive … and replace those stereotypical images with real ones,” she says.

“I just want young girls to be able to look at it and realize that being Muslim should not be a roadblock or hindrance to achieving their goals in life,” says calender model Noreen Bashir to the Edmonton Journal.

Bashir will be featured in the calender as her occupations: a third grade Islamic teacher, a martial-arts champion and a boxer.

Bashir believes the calender is the exact opposite of how Muslim women are regularly pictured.

“The misconceptions people usually have about Muslim women are that we’re suppressed, oppressed, uneducated, homebound, and all the negative things that are usually associated with those types of images,” Bashir says.

The calenders will be sold for $15, for more information you can visit the the Islamic Family and Social Services Association (IFSSA). All the proceeds will go to IFSSA’s food bank in Edmonton.


3 thoughts on “Calender celebrating Muslim women in Edmonton

  1. This is a very good way to exploit those type of stereotypes that are usually hidden or negative. Very interesting to see if this takes flight to some changes around the world.

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