‘Women Bodies’ throws a hit at Italian TV

By: Arti Patel

A short documentary is showing the world how Italian women are negatively depicted on television.

Il Corpo delle donne or Women Bodies, is a collection of thoughts, images and videos about Italian women depicted on television. How fake breasts and silicon lips, according to director Lorella Zanardo, has become silly and similar to a modern day circus for viewers.

“Why aren’t all Italian women in the streets protesting against the way they are represented?” Zanardo asks her audience.

A scene from the documentary / Image provided by http://www.rnw.nl

Zanardo argues that the current display of Italian women on TV is seen through a male’s perspective and products are sold to reflect a man’s sexual taste.

“We are so used to seeing ourselves through the eyes of men that we can’t tell anymore what we want and what makes us happy,” she says.

The problem is that being objects is what gives these women on TV their power. The documentary tries to prove that watching public broadcasting can suddenly be compared to watching a porno.

TV shows portray women from showgirls in the afternoon to lingerie-wearing dancers at night.

In one scene of the film, there is a show that has a see through box with a woman inside–equipped with breathing holes. The woman is part of the game, as everyone watches her according to Zanardo. The host, a male, even comments on how some audience members have flat chests and how his “sidekicks” would be making more money through porn.

It’s this sort of representation that triggered the filmmaker to create this documentary, something she believes should have been done sooner.

“I thought that we’d make this video, put it on DVD and take it around to high schools to get kids thinking about the issue,” says Zanardo to CBC News. “The last thing I expected was this reaction,” she says.

This reaction refers to the “word-of-mouth sensation” the film received, with over one million views, according to CBC News.

The 24 minute film can be seen online with English subtitles.


4 thoughts on “‘Women Bodies’ throws a hit at Italian TV

  1. Although the ladies in the video do look attractive, I’m still engraved with the fact that they are being used on TV as objects to “attract” or bring attention. Like it has been said many times before; “Sex Sells”

  2. what is up with that second picture…do they just hang these women around…this is sort of disturbing…………………….. and it is like a circus…

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