Style Council: bringing fashion to a neighbourhood near you

By: Arti Patel

An Alexis Finch Hi-Style Holladaze Facebook Album shot. Left to right: Orinthia, Sherifa, Sasha, Murissa, Alexis, Roxanne, Rea.

Rea McNamara knows a thing or two about fashion.

The journalist  from Toronto is the face and editor behind Style Council, a program aimed to bring fashion and style awareness to local neighbourhoods in the GTA.

The project focuses on teenage girls and works in the Dufferin/Eglinton and Oakwood/Vaughan communities in Toronto. The media program has nine contributers who have worked together to create a “stylebook” that not only documents their own personal styles, but finds fashion inspirations within their own communities.

The teenagers had the chance to write, photograph and design a short and “first-ever community driven” stylebook. With photos of themselves and describing their own styles, the girls also share experiences and tricks with style.

On Dec. 17, the program hosted a fundraiser to launch the stylebook in the city’s west end. Bringing together local talent, fashion experts and the community, McNamara wanted the city to see how much effort was put into the girls’ work.

Not only were the contributers dressed in vintages and uniquely put together outfits, but their interest and passion for fashion was seen beyond the clothes. Each girl had a unique style and a different purpose to document it–which is exactly what McNamara wanted to see as the result of the program.

The program is originally a pilot program of Art Starts, an arts-based community development organization in Toronto since 1992.

For more information visit you can their blog.


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