Over $8000 will be sent to Haiti

Selling baked goods and samosas Photo by Sara Faruqi

Today, McClung’s Magazine, Journalists for Human Rights and the Verse City Journalism Program, all from Ryerson University raised $1074 from baked goods, samosas and donations.

The university, Ryerson Students’ Union, CESAR and the university’s president Sheldon Levy has generously offered to match our total funds by four.

All of today’s proceeds will go to the Canadian Red Cross, which then the Canadian government will also match our donations by two.

So over all we are sending $8592 to Haiti.

Thank you to everyone who donated today!


2 thoughts on “Over $8000 will be sent to Haiti

  1. Very great event! Also Samosas were very delicious. It was for a good cause and filled up your stomach at the same time. Win win situation right here. Aid is on its way Haiti.

  2. That’s absolutely fantastic. Congratulations to everyone for helping out with this. You’ve done an incredible job. Go Rye High!

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