NATO’s deal with the Taliban could mean bad news for Afghan women

In today’s Toronto Star, foreign affairs reporter Olivia Ward discussed how NATO’s talks about striking a peace deal with the Taliban (which means they would have political say) is most likely going to have negative outcomes for women.

In the article, Ward sites how the Taliban’s regime oppressed women and how even post-invasion, this oppression continues:

Even now, young girls who dare to go to school have acid thrown in their faces, suicide bombers kill indiscriminately, beheadings and amputations await those who resist their resurgent rule and women activists receive dreaded “night letters” that mark them for death.

And that

Doubts remain about how far the West would be prepared to support women’s rights once its troops have departed.


When the fog of war clears in Afghanistan, women and progressive thinkers hope that they will have a place to stand. but they know much depends on what the peacetime landscape will look like, and what tradeoffs are made to arrive there.

It’s an interesting read as most of the articles I’ve read about the NATO deal haven’t taken women’s rights into account. Click here to read the whole piece.


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