Help keep Toronto Women’s Bookstore open

Toronto Women's Bookstore

Looking for something to do this Sunday? Join the Toronto Women’s Bookstore for a day of music, reading and dance at the Tranzac in order to raise funds to keep the bookstore open. For more information, read TWB’s message below:

“The Toronto Women’s Bookstore is in crisis. They are one of the few non-profit feminist independent bookstores left on this continent and as a store rely primarily on sales to sustain themselves. However, despite courses and workshops and amazing community events and involvement, the existence of the TWB is threatened by the current economic and political climate.

We don’t think we need to explain to you the importance of feminist and community spaces, but we do think you might like to help us make sure this one sticks around. (And if you do want some reasons, there’s this article for more info: http://tinyurl.com/yasluey)

THUS! We are putting on a fundraiser for the Toronto Women’s Bookstore and are having a day filled with performance, music, art and craft fair and food goodness.

WHERE: The Tranzac
WHEN: Sunday the 21st of Feb
TIME: 1-5
PRICE: PWYC recommended donation $10

RSVP to Facebook.

Hosted by Dainty Smith

Performances by:
Aimee Bessada
Amai Kuda et Les Bois
Emma McKenna
Kay Pettigrew
Lee Lee
Nico Rubesque
Sarah Tompson
Stacey B

Arts and crafts vendors:
Brescia Bloodbeard
Mich Sutherland
Kasia Ulbin
Romy Cola
Ransack the universe
Sam Gorrie
and lots more..

Magical food treats by Erika Pulfer and Danny Elle

All funds raised will be going to the TWB. For more information (or to make a donation directly if you can’t make it to the event), please visit www.womensbookstore.com. This is a family friendly event.”


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