Reality show tries to break fashion barriers

By: Arti Patel

Britain is looking for a model.

Britain’s Missing Model, a reality show already airing in Canada is looking to break model stereotypes by having eight disabled women compete for a modelling contract and magazine photo-spread.

The show tries to battle the idea of a fashion world based on perfection in beauty and how hard it may be for a disabled model to enter the business. The contestants themselves battle this theory. If it isn’t being deaf, in a wheel-chair, having a prosthetic leg or an arm amputee for example, all of the contestants have had a rough time entering their dream jobs.

The on television drama is similar to something from Tyra, with competitions and photo shoots. But there are differences. You see first hand with transportation in a wheelchair or how meeting designers for example is challenging to the contestants. But these women have a passion in activism to fight for rights for disabled women and girl and they want their stories to set a base for any disabled person who might have an interest in modelling.
The show first aired in 2008 in Britain and has already chosen a winner, without spoiling anything you can still catch the show online or watch it Mondays at 8 p.m. on ONE channel.


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