Sex and the City 2: Movie Review

By: Farrah Richardson

Starring Sarah Jessica Parker, Kim Cattrall, Kristin Davis, and Cynthia Nixon.

The girls are back—Carrie, Samantha, Miranda, and Charlotte—so are their appetites for sex, love, marriage and family. The Sex and the City sequel was released May 27. In keeping with tradition, my girlfriends and I gathered for an evening at the local movie theatre. Being faithful to the series on TV and first movie release, I had high hopes for a second round of sex. After hearing mixed reviews I wondered what was so bad about it?

The movie’s opening scene was a gay wedding featuring a performance of Liza Minnelli’s own version of Beyonce’s hit “Single Ladies.” Sitting in an audience full of women the laughs began to roll at the disbelief that Liza Minnelli, looking like she was going to pass out, actually pulled off every choreographed move Beyonce had done.

The film then progressed to capture each characters worst nightmare. For Carrie it’s adjusting to married life (Big becomes a home-body), for Charlotte it’s accepting the difficulties of motherhood (Lilly and the terrible two’s), for Samantha it’s dealing with menopause (no further explanation required), and for Miranda it’s finding her own self-respect and self-worth (she finally leaves the firm).  Even though the central Characters are Mr. Big and Carrie, Samantha’s menopausal state and sexual drive or lack there of, was the source of humour for the majority of the film. From suffering hot flashes to waving around her condoms to being thrown in jail for “having sex,” Samantha definitely stole the show.

As each character continues to grow in mind and spirit, it’s the different personalities, values, and beliefs each character possess which makes the ladies from Sex and the City so accurate. While some women may be hung up on glamour, there are still specific traits that all women can relate to. For instance take Miranda’s desire to be a successful business woman in an all-male environment, or, Carrie and Big’s decision to not have children. This modern day decision is redefining the role of a woman, the role of marriage and what a “typical family” looks like. Samantha is a key character in what true self-exploration means. Her free mind and spirit and continuous sexual exploration, combined with her willingness to never “settle down.”

As far as glamour, high fashion, and shoes, Sex and the City 2 proved to be even more luxurious than the first. The beautiful dresses and sparkling shoes each female wore was enough to make the all-female audience gasp.

The cheesiness of the film surrounded the girls’ trip to Abu Dhabi. However, where else would the four most fabulous girls vacation other than the most luxurious place on earth? Places located in the United Arab Emirates are glamorous but the typical stereotypes of Muslim men and women as well as how Muslim culture is viewed through the eyes of Westerners almost crosses the line of racism. Most notably is the part where Carrie pays special attention to a Muslim woman eating french-fries through her veil.

As the girls continue their vacation, each is faced with a challenge of some sort that in turn, makes them appreciate what they have. Carrie exchanges a kiss with an old flame, Samantha continues to deal with her menopause, Charlotte agonizes over her bra-less nanny, and Miranda finally let’s loose.

As the girls make their way back to New York, each of them accepts and appreciates what they have thus far. It is when one takes life, love, marriage and family for granted that everything begins to crumble. Sex and the City has never been about a challenging script or extreme controversy. It has never been about griping issues in our society or even stimulating cinematography. Sex and the City has always been about three things: girlfriends, love, and life. As I sat in the theatre for two and a half hours, I realized that this movie did exactly what it was meant to do—bring together friends.


3 thoughts on “Sex and the City 2: Movie Review

  1. I actually thought the movie was horrible and was NOTHING like the series. its not enough just to see glam clothes most will never afford.

    • I can’t wait for Eclipse. I can’t watch this clip now because I’m at work but can’t wait to see it when I get home. Can’t wait to see ♥♥♥ Jacob ♥♥♥ he is SO hot!!

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