McClung’s NEW Masthead 2010-2011

Kristina and I would like to thank everyone who came out to our meeting on September 20.
We have finally decided on our final masthead, welcome to the team!
Writers, you will get your story assignments today!


McClung’s 2010-2011 Masthead


Editors-in-Chief: Kristina Gutauskas & Arti Patel
Managing Editors: Samantha Anderson & Lakshine Sathiyanathan
Assistant Editor: Hilary Hagerman
Head of Research: Julianna McDermott
Handling Editors: Codi Wilson, Marlee Kostiner, Niki Singh, Arta Ghanbari, Kimberly Rupnarian
Copy Editors: Portia Favro, Alexandra Yeboah, Claire Prime, Pia Bahile, Jannen Belbeck
Fact-Checkers: Rachel Reindorf, Roohi Sahajpal, Sara Mahmood, Jackie Campbell, Jacky Habib


Web Designer: Tanya Walters
Web Director: Angie Torres
Online Editors: Sara Faruqi, Jennifer Tse


Art Director: Jessica Chiu
Assistant Art Director: Eric Zhou
Illustrators: Erika Elsner, Noelle Geniza, Vanessa Faulkner, Michael Guo, Hazel Santigo
Photography Director: Katie Engqvist
Assistant Photo Director: Katia Dmitrieva
Photographers: Omair Quadri, Sama Faruqi, Yeugenia Kleiner, Raqel Da Silva, Lodoe-Laura Haines-Wangda, Marc Felizardo


Advertising & Outreach Director: Salman Abdulaziz
Marketing & Promotions Director: Sarah Lipsit
Circulation Directors: Harriet Luke & Christina Fanioudakis


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