You stole my fiancée… but that’s okay

By Manley Huynh

Feature Image from: diamondringandnecklacejewelry.com

No, I’m not talking about myself but rather, the countless women in the media who don’t seem to know what they want.

Women have always gotten the short end of the stick when it comes to positive media portrayal. Living in today’s society, you would think that the roles or traits that they’re given have changed for the better. But if you look closely, they haven’t changed, just been altered.

Looking at movies like Letters to Juliet, Made of Honor and Leap Year, the protagonist may be the heroine but it’s the plot that connects the three. In the beginning, they are engaged to the man of their dreams; someone they have a genuine connection with and share a bond. But leading up to the wedding, a series of events occur where they meet a total stranger (excluding Made of Honor). Suddenly, the man they thought they loved is now cast aside.

In reality, if you utter the words “I love you” after two weeks, people would think you’re crazy and easily swayed. In movies, we sigh and wipe the tear forming at the corner of our eyes and call it romantic.

Although the men are the ones that do the “stealing”, the women are the ones that choose whether or not they’d like to follow. Who knew our decisions could be changed so easily by a few midnight strolls?

Men may be from Mars and women, Venus but they’re goals aren’t all that different. Everyone wants to find happiness, no matter what form it may be. It could be a job that you’ve always wanted, a loving family or even that special someone, especially that special someone.

When you think you’ve found them, you pour your soul out to them, spend countless hours together only to have them won over by another man. Case in point, the love triangles of today.

You have to admit though, some men bring it on themselves when all they do is chat away about themselves, leaving you nodding away like Amanda Seyfried in Letters to Juliet.

Made of Honor was a case of not realizing what you had right in front of you. But in order for her to come to this realization, a man had to be spared until Patrick Dempsey flew in on a horse, literally.

The one character whose mind seemed to be all over the place even though she was as independent as they get, was Amy Smart in Leap Year. So was so intent on her boyfriend of four years proposing to her so they can take their relationship to the next level. So determined, that she traveled to Ireland so she can propose to him. But give her a few weeks and the tables turn. Something like two weeks beats four years and he’s left in the cold before he can utter one last “I love you”. What a heart-breaker; but for some reason, it gets more of a “they’re finally together” reaction. Even from me, sadly.

Seyfried said in Letters to Juliet: “I love you, I can’t believe I just said that”. I can’t believe you did either.


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