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A look at the ‘What Makes a Man’ conference

Text by Roohi Sahajpal
Photos by Samantha L. Anderson

A visual look at the White Ribbon conference that came to Ryerson last week. It was a discussion-focused conference looking at a spectrum of identities, experiences and realities that determine ‘What Makes a Man’

What Makes a Man, a conference on masculinity hosted by the White Ribbon Campaign at Ryerson

World-Renowned poet Carlos Andres Gomez performs his "Behind the Masc" at the conference which looks at what it means to be a "good man" in a world where the definitions of masculinity are not even clearly defined.

Audience members look on as Gomez speaks.

Ronak Ghorbani (L) is a Feminist and grad student, she looked at the way in which the media defines men and how male dominance in film and in magazines is not being challenged.

Part of Ghorbani's presentation

Reilly Dow work, she is a graphic recorder based in Toronto. Graphic recording is used during events,conferences with the recorder creating large-format visuals in real time, allowing the audience to be engaged and participate in the discussions

Baldev Matta has worked with over 1500 South Asian men in the past 15 years as the Founder and Executive Director of Punjabi Community Health Services in Peel. What makes a man hit a woman? In his research, Matta has found that the majority of the time it is a learned behavior, men acting the way in which they saw their fathers act towards their mothers

Some representation from the Ryerson's Women's Centre at the conference.

Rodney Diverlus, a dance student at Ryerson, got the audience moving with his "What Makes a Man Dance" speech. Diverlus talked about why, in our culture, dance is seen as primarily a feminine thing.

A spoken word artist performs for the audience.

Al Kabia is a Ryerson graduate, certified personal trainer and body builder. Kabia discussed how men have been socially conditioned to be strong and how there is fear of the unknown when it comes to health and going to the doctor. "Knowledge is power and health is wealth," he says.


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