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But Beyoncé … Do girls really run the world?

By Roohi Sahajpal

Sadly, no.

But for a split second I almost believed Ms. Knowles. When Beyoncé came out with her video for “Run The World (Girls)” response videos popped up on YouTube and bloggers joined in on the conversation, wondering, what does she really mean by that?

Some were cynical with criticism being thrown to the fact that the videos imagery didn’t reflect with its lyrics, while others praised the song saying that the song was an anthem for female empowerment.

One popular video that was made was from a YouTube user named NineteenPercent, who in her video, points out some obvious facts about the status of women in the world, through out history and the present day. The problem that most people seem to have with the song is that the title of the song is giving a false impression of reality.

Throughout the song, she sings, 

“Endless power, the love we can devour

You’ll do anything for me”

What power? Power gained by using sexuality to get an upper hand? When the message of the song is supposed to reflect female empowerment, gaining power in this sense is something which would be seen as problematic to some.

But in contrast to that, she also says,

“Strong enough to bear the children then get back to business”

I don’t think the song lyrics were meant to be taken as literally or criticized as much as they have been. But when you have a person like Beyoncé with great influence, especially among young girls, the messages behind songs and music videos begins to hold greater importance.

However, one of the positive points about the song is that it’s attempting to say something different.

Whether Beyoncé is a feminist or not, the song makes a bold statement and has sparked a conversation about what female empowerment actually is.


5 thoughts on “But Beyoncé … Do girls really run the world?

  1. I love Beyonce…but this is a horrible song, artistically speaking..i loathe this song so much BUT I do approve what she’s trying to do….

    The thing is if she were to go out in public to read some “politically correct” speech no would care, ESPECIALLY the young women she’s trying to empower. This is because people today need to be teased by ‘sexuality,” “technology.” or “money,” for them to care about something. Look at Obama, he had pop-stars performing at his rallies and it got him a presidential seat. The competition could have been stiff for him if he didn’t do that….

    So I think she’s still sending a strong message. She’s just using the things that work to project it….

    That’s the media these days. Find what works, exploit it, then send a message 🙂

  2. Nice piece, Roohi. I on the other hand, am a Beyonce fan for life…she has achieved so much and is always graceful about it. I’m happy she’s back to at least attempting ’empowerment’ rather than singing about puttin a ring on it.

    And damn, those dance moves. Now that is the B that I know.

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