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Supporters rally to keep abortion funded

By: Veronika Latkina

Dozens of people gathered near Queen’s Park on Oct. 22 to demand that the province continue to fund abortion despite pleas by counter groups.

The crowd, gathered at College Street and University Avenue, chanted slogans and flexed their banners and signs.

“Not the church, not the state, women must decide their fate,” they shouted.

Melissa Palermo, a member of the Ryerson Women’s Centre said that the province should support women’s right to access abortion.

“As a young woman in Ontario, it’s important for me to have complete control and choice over all aspects of my body and life,” she said.

The event, organized by the Ontario Coalition for Abortion and the Abortion Rights Coalition of Canada, was a response to a counter rally also held Oct. 22 at Queen’s Park demanding that the province remove elective abortion as a service covered by taxpayers.

Michelle Robidoux, one of the organizers said that abortion should be funded “otherwise, many women won’t have access to it and won’t have a choice.”

Speaking at the rally, NDP MP Peggy Nash, who represents Parkdale-High Park said that reproductive justice should be defended and that the province should continue funding abortion.

“To expect young women, or any woman who is in poverty, to have to travel across this country to get access to safe abortion is just unrealistic,” she said.


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