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‘It’s Your Fault’ A Look Into India’s Rape Culture

Image courtesy of Bollywood Hungama via Wikimedia Commons

Emily Theodore 

“It’s Your Fault,” a satirical video that aims to put an end to the common misconception that women provoke rape, has gone viral since its release on YouTube in September.

After the New Delhi gang rape last December, angry protests have erupted in the streets of India, as the country still debates over the treatment of women in the nation.

Indian politicians like Jitender Chhatar, explained that violence against women was a result of cellphones, short skirts and chowmein noodles. Mumbai police officer, Satyapal Singh, stated that the country needs to choose between a “promiscuous culture,” in which citizens are allowed to kiss in public, or a land of “moral policing” in order for abuse against women to decline, in regards to the gang-rape of a 22-year-old photographer.

Four Indian comedians, including Bollywood celebrity Kalki Koechlin and television host Juhi Pandey, expanded on these issues in the YouTube video.

“Every sexual assault case in India inspires a string of stupid and hateful remarks against women. This is our response to those remarks,” the description of the video states.

The video begins with a mocking Koechlin happily addressing the statements Indian politicians had released. “Scientific studies suggest that women who wear skirts are the leading cause of rape. Do you know why? Because men have eyes,” said Koechlin.

The next sequence shows a woman dressed up in “provocative” clothing, including a yellow poncho and an astronaut suit.

The video also touches on other beliefs that excuse domestic abuse and marital rape, including the fact that it isn’t considered rape if your spouse is the rapist.

In response to policeman Singh’s statement, a sarcastic Koechlin states at the end of the video, “if you are tired of being humiliated by rape, you can always go to the cops and be humiliated by them instead,” followed by a clip of an Indian police officer blaming the rape on the victim, also played by Koechlin.

The video, under four minutes long, culminates with a slideshow of several Indian women of various ages stating, “It’s my fault.”

Although the video has garnered over 2.6 million views, the comedians behind the project know it won’t be easy diminishing the notion that women incite rape in both India and internationally.

“These are deep-rooted patriarchal biases. It happens everywhere in the world and in India especially so,” Tanmay Bhat, one of the comedians, told Agence France-Presse on Monday.

“We often see families disowning rape victims. We wanted to contribute positively to the conversation about the subject,” said Bhat.


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