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VloggerCrush: Laci Green, YouTuber & sex education activist

Welcome to the first post of our VloggerCrush series here on McClung’s. Online video is slowly overtaking the entertainment industry and women are getting the chance show off their talents. There are so many amazing women creating content on the vast network that is YouTube and we want to get the word out about how they’re making a splash on the scene and empowering fellow woman-kind. Stay tuned for editions of VloggerCrush where we feature YouTubers that aren’t women but still kick ass.

First on our list is the energetic and passionate Laci Green.

Laci Green

Laci Green, 24, hosts a sex-positive video series called Sex+ on her YouTube channel (Image: YouTube)

The 24-year-old self-described feminist and “sex education activist” has more than a million subscribers on YouTube. She calls her channel Sex+, appropriate since all of her videos are sex positive and deal with knockin’ boots in the most honest and helpful way possible. Green breaks all sorts of taboos with her openness around sex. If you have a question about doin’ the deed that you haven’t felt comfortable asking someone and simply did not learn during your awkward high school sex education class, browse through Green’s videos and you might find an answer.

What’s great about Green is that her videos encourage women to pursue healthy, romantic relationships and (most importantly) to not be ashamed of their sexuality. It’s refreshing and empowering to see Green talk about all the messy stuff unapologetically on a public platform. She also sprinkles in some videos commenting on topical issues that women are facing or just intelligent, thought-provoking musings on feminism.

Here are a few Laci Green basics that we think you should watch:

In this gem, Green lists the reasons she is a ‘feminist’ and defends the naysayers with logical and passionate arguments that can’t really be refuted. Her humour in the beginning poking fun of the ridiculous term “feminnazis” really brings perspective to the unreasonable hate feminists get from detractors.

Once again, Green tells it like it is. In this video, she rants about the pervasive sexualisation of women in society and how we’re completely desensitized to it. She calls out the fact that women’s bodies are used to sell everything from jewelry to fast food and jumps into the frightening consequences of this uber-sexualisation. The unequal gender power-dynamic that exists between men and women is real, and if someone doesn’t believe you, send them this video.

In one of her more recent videos, Green reacts to the mass celebrity nude photo hacking scandal that happened last month. She discusses the issue of victim-blaming and her incredulous tone is enough to get anyone (rightfully) riled up about the subject.

By Prajakta Dhopade, online editor


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