Announcement / Hiring

Join our team: McClung’s now hiring for the Spring 2015 masthead

Hi everyone,

My name is Sofie and I’m the editor of McClung’s Magazine for the Spring 2015 issue.

If you’re as passionate about feminism and world issues as McClung’s Magazine, then we encourage you to apply to our Spring 2015 masthead. Those selected for the masthead will have the opportunity to work with McClung’s from January to April.

I’m specifically interested in some queer/LGBT voices for this issue.

Please do not send any fiction or poetry. 

Applications and job descriptions are available through the links below and can be submitted via email to or dropped off at the Rogers Communications Centre, Room 101, 80 Gould St. Basically, the fishbowl. There is an envelope taped to the door. Put your application inside of it.

* Information about our general meeting will be posted at a later date. Please check back for updates!

For the Spring 2015 issue, we are hiring:

–  Managing Editors

–  Head of Research

–  Head of Copy

–  Handling Editors

–  Writers

–  Copy Editors

–  Fact Checkers

–  Bloggers

–  Multimedia Bloggers

–  Art Director

–  Assistant Art Director

–  Photo Director

–  Assistant Photo Director

–  Photographers

–  Illustrators/Artists

–  Advertising and Circulation Director

–  Marketing and Promotions Director

–  Social Media Director

For a full list of positions available please see the links below.

Please attach a professional resume to your application form, alongside any published pieces of work, if possible. Please include a pitch if you are applying for a writing position.

Please contact Sofia at if you have any questions or concerns.

Please email all portfolio work to

All applications are due on Monday, January 19, 2015 by 11:59 p.m.

McClung’s Spring 2015 Application Form

Job Descriptions – Spring 2015

Please remember: Applicants do not have to attend Ryerson University and all positions are unpaid.


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