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McClung’s video: Talking to kids about consent

Hello everyone,
My name is Deni and I am the online editor at McClung’s Magazine for Spring 2015. As many of you may know, there has been a recent revision of the sex-ed curriculum in Ontario and one of our blogger’s would like to do a video about talking to children about consent. The video would help raise awareness to how much or how little kids actually know about the topic of consent.If there is anyone who has younger siblings, kids, cousins, nieces, and nephews and are comfortable sending in videos, we would like to get into contact with you.
The video would include you asking specific questions to the kids about what consent is.
Some examples of questions:
1. When someone says they don’t want you to touch them, what do you do?
2. How do you feel when someone touches you when they’re not supposed to?
If you are interested in helping us with this video, please send a direct message to our social media director, Lisa, on either our Twitter or Facebook pages with an email and phone number we could reach you at.

One thought on “McClung’s video: Talking to kids about consent

  1. Why is it useful to know what the average child understands about consent? To then generalize that children can’t possibly understand consent?

    It would be more useful to teach children what consent means, and then test their understanding to compare their scores with the average (uninstructed) adult who is automatically assumed to be competent to consent.

    In addition to the problem of parents telling kids beforehand what to say in a video, it tells us nothing about children’s potential to understand if adequately educated.

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