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Laci Green will not shut up about ‘The F Word’

A question Laci Green gets asked a lot is, “When will you shut the hell up?”

“I will shut the hell up when yes means yes, and we hold rapists accountable and abortions are fair and accessible to everyone,” Green said. “And even when all this happens I still won’t shut the hell up.”

Laci Green came to Ryerson University to talk about 'The F Word' - feminism. PHOTO by Jackie McKay.

Laci Green came to Ryerson University to talk about ‘The F Word’ – feminism. PHOTO by Jackie McKay.

With a YouTube following of over 1.2 million, no one is expecting her to.

The 25-year-old from San Francisco, most famous for her weekly YouTube channel, Sex+, is visiting Universities across North America to engage students in talks about sex and feminism.

On Wednesday, Green gave a talk called “The F Word” about feminism in North America to Ryerson University.

“University students are in an environment where they’re being exposed to lots of different ideas and lots of new information and I think feminism is a really important lens to think about that information,” said Green.

Kristen Walcott-Dass, vice President of Events and Social Media for the sociology union, who helped coordinate the event with the Ryerson Student Union and Ride for a dream, a Social Ventures Zone Project, said, “[Green’s] message was really relevant to today. A lot of feminism talk has been in the media and a lot of people have been talking about if they consider themselves a feminist or not.”

“People in other programs might not have the opportunity to discuss feminism and I thought this would be a good introduction to what feminism is and break down those stereotypes of what feminism is not,” Walcott-Dass added.

She began her video series while in university to provide comprehensive sex education and inform people of healthy, realistic attitudes of sexuality.

However, Green has received criticism from the online community calling her Islamopobic and transphobic, for videos she made as a teenager.

Green said she was naive at the time of making her early videos and her views have changed since then.

“I have been making videos since I was very young and I think it’s unfortunate that we are not allowed to grow,” said Green.

Green said that Universities need to be educating students newly entering University to open up conversations right away about consent, as well as having mandatory yearlong activities to make people who feel uncomfortable talking about theses issues involved in the conversation.

Green’s YouTube videos talk about everything from the biology of sex, debunking common myths about virginity loss, the “pull out method”, to proper BDSM edict.

In Green’s talk, she gave students a historical social context of how feminism came to be today and leaves the audience with this question: “Do we really need feminism anymore? I think the answer is fuck yes.”

By: Jackie McKay


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